Instragram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a photo-centric platform that offers a plethora of opportunities to reach, engage and build a relationship with the target audience. Instagram is owned by Mark Zuckerberg - who owns Facebook, therefore, it has been ensured that Instagram also possesses the same targeting features that Facebook has.
Need result driven campaigns that help you to maintain a strong social presence in Instagram then your research ends here!

Add You Why Instagram Marketing has become so important?

Instagram has become the favorite hub for many businesses since it allows them to create a substantial customer base. Moreover, it is a photo-centric platform and creates a lasting image on the minds of people about your brand. Over 60% of people have confessed that they’ve found their favorite products from Instagram. In fact, the majority of Instagram users have claimed that they use Instagram to stay updated about their favorite products on Instagram. The platform can help you to have a competitive edge and you can stay ahead from them in terms of brand recognition, awareness and ultimately sales. r Heading Text Here

Why do you need Instagram marketing Dubai to foster business growth:

We are the Instagram marketing Dubai service providers that create and execute the effective Instagram marketing strategies on your behalf. Our service includes the identification of target audience and content creation to account monitoring and reporting the progress of the campaigns to our clients. When running a business, there is so much to manage from overseeing and leading the work to plan and implementing business strategies and when someone is that busy, it is best to opt for the Instagram marketing Dubai services to lessen the burden. Moreover, there are countless benefits you can achieve after availing the professional service from the certified marketers of the Fash21 creative agency like you can witness improved and better quality of the Instagram page, there will be a massive addition of followers, likes, views, and comments. With the spread word of mouth, you can even get a chance to meet more potential customers.

How our Instagram marketing creates a winning strategy

Our professional strategist will go through the following steps to create and execute an effective Instagram marketing strategy for your business

Creation of an effective Instagram marketing strategy

Our very first step is the identification of your competitors to determine how we can have a competitive edge, after that we analyze the intent of your target audience and pinpoint all possible challenges we have been facing. After gaining thorough insight, we devise a winning strategy or campaigns for your business.

Content development

After you’ve approved our strategy, we move towards the first step of its execution, where you can sit peacefully and watch the magic happen. We produce unique and attention-grabbing content for your business. We will send you a content calendar, and upload it after getting the approval from your side.

Growth Statistics


we employ all organic modes to boost the engagement of your page. We don’t go for shortcuts to produce quick result rather we opt for organic modes to get maximum out of the campaigns. We leverage the branded hashtags to outreach more people and sometimes collaborate with the influencers to spice things up. 

Instagram monitoring

We daily monitor your Instagram page and review the comments, messages and other factors that need to be reviewed and timely maintained. We respond to the activities within the business hours that need an immediate response.


At the end of the week, we update our followers and handover a thorough report that contains everything including the growth of followers and engagement along with other metrics of the result. Our Instagram marketing Dubai enthusiasts monitor the result that whether we should re-execute the same or need some amendments to beef up our existing strategies.

We ensure to increase brand awareness and opt for the following methods to achieve the desired results:

1. Increase Instagram followers
2. Increase views of stories and IGTV
3. Promote your branded hashtags
4. Increase engagement
5. Increase website traffic from the Instagram marketing
6. Increase Instagram reach and impression
7. Remain available to assist our clients 24/7



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