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What is Branding?

Branding is a technique in which the main motto is to create a distinctive name and identity in the customer’s mind through the marketing campaign.
Today’s world is the world of advertisement because a lot of products of the same kind have taken a place in the market. For enhancing the awareness about a product and increasing the sale, many techniques and practices are used. Branding is one of the most important technique in the advertisement. FASH 21 is one of the best branding agencies in Dubai

Purpose of Branding

The aim of branding is that a remarkable and unique identity can be established among the products of the same kind so that people can attract to the specific product and recall the product by its name. For example,Nestle has become a brand in mineral water.

Branding Services of FASH 21

As we are the best branding agency in Dubai so we understand the importance of Branding for the business aspect. Due to our well-designer branding strategies, you can create magic to your customers. The team of our experts will create a voice for your product as a brand. We know the market and consumer behavior of the region quite well. We offer different kind of branding services with the aim of satisfaction of the client and the identity of the product as a brand


1. Brand identity design

To be a brand, a specific language is required for the product such as unique name, brand logo, slogans, taglines, etc. along with graphics and photoshoot. To develop a brand language, information about market and consumer is essential because all above things create an impact on the consumer. Branding in Dubai is a bit different from other countries because it has a global lifestyle with more than 200 nationalities. The western residents might want some liberal and indecorous brand message. On the other hand, Asians have different thinking. They like a modest and moderate brand language so FASH 21 can develop a brand identity design through which everybody can be satisfied.

2. Advertising Design

As the top branding agency in Dubai, we have the knowledge of places and persons which is very important to design an advertising campaign.


Relevance is a significant part of advertising. The product, message and the idea of branding should be relevant to each other and to the audience. We have worked with multiple clients so we are well-aware about the region’s variations as well as all type of consumers mindset. It is a great plus point for us which helps us to design a creative and quirky advertising campaign according to everyone’s taste and likings.


Many products of the same kind are competing in the market. It is like a battle and to win this only one thing can work creativity. Yes, you have to think something different and this can be possible by choosing the best branding agency. FASH 21 assures you to provide a creative advertising campaign which can leave a long-lasting image to the customer’s mind.

3. Collateral Design

Marketing collateral such as brochures and posters are necessary to give awareness to the consumer about a product or service. We deliver the services to design brochures as well as the company’s annual reports. Our main goal which we keep in mind while designing the market collateral is to create a beautiful visual impact to enhance sales.

Relevant to the advertising message

The collaterals should be relevant to the advertising message and add value to the message. Our experts know this very well so they design the market collateral according to advertisement so they can convey the knowledge about your product or service. It is digital era now so we work hard by using digital media like web content, etc.

Emotional Association

Impressive collateral is that which offers an emotional relation to the consumer and attracts the viewers. This type of collateral compels the audience to do an action and they might be reacting by purchasing your product and service. We design such attractive collateral that the consumers can relate it with them and take the action.

4. Typesetting Services

The typesetting is to arrange a text from a graphic design physically or digitally for publishing point of view. For this, a good understanding of text form is required and FASH 21 Company as a leading branding company knows it very well. The team of our experts provides you the best typesetting services.

Typesetting is different from typography. Typesetting is an excessive process in which text is presented with images to compose them for printing. It is a time-consuming process which requires hard work. If every aspect of the advertising campaign is designed properly but you failed to manage this process properly so your advertising campaign might be unsuccessful. Initially, you have to attract audience by appealing visual effects.


You can start your business easily by just investment but to make this a brand is a difficult and time-consuming process. So, you should select your branding agency in Dubai very carefully.



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