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Our Facebook marketing UAE agency has years of experience in creating the result driven campaigns. We have worked with hundreds of brands across the world who has counted on the credibility of the fash21 creative agency and are thriving on their sectors. As the pioneer Facebook management Dubai company, we always come up with the distinctive and unique strategies to marketize your brand on Facebook – the most used social platform.​

Why Facebook Marketing is essentialAdd You Why Instagram Marketing has become so important?

Role of social media in the business success is imperative. Every small to medium sized business have seen a massive escalation after promoting the company online. The various social networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. have a significant impact on the awareness of your brand and increased sales and leads. We are the leading Facebook management Dubai company who manage and grow your Facebook presence with the unique strategies that give you organic and lasting results. Our in-house strategist comes up with the different strategies as per your budget and needs with the assurance of success to your business.

The fash21 creative is the leading agency offer comprehensive services in Facebook management from organic posting to audience targeting and retargeting and to ad account strategists to custom photo shoot that are the surefire ways to have direct response, increased brand awareness and improved web traffic.Our dedicated and professional in-house team of social strategist leave no stone unturned in meeting their end goals and customer acquisition in e-commerce. Call us today to check what magic we create to thrive you online in a competitive landscape of social media marketing.


The success of the Facebook marketing campaign is directly contingent upon the man behind the gun, i.e., Facebook marketing agency you’ve counted on. To engage a community, we build a robust social presence and audience that increase revenue for the business

Organic Facebook Posting

The best way to create a long-lasting and quality leads is using organic posting. Our Facebook marketing UAE agency research your competitors, product/services, and develop a natural strategy that helps you in the expansion of Facebook audience.


The Facebook algorithm has become modernized and advanced. They prefer and promote those social pages that possess the engagement. Our in-house social strategist creates the plans that can result in better engagement and create the conversion from the Facebook audience.

Facebook Events

Facebook events are a first mode to get the people interested in your brand. Our top-notch Facebook management Dubai company continually host and promote the events to keep attracting the audience and drive your business towards the real success

Facebook Wifi

Facebook wifi is another up-dated mode to turn the regular visitors to Facebook fans that can ultimately be your asset in creating the positive words of mouth of your business. The fash 21 creative agency did not put aside a single chance that can impact positively on the success of your business

Facebook Live Video

Getting quality and long-term engagement from Facebook via Live Video is one of the best methods to increase conversion. We ensure the videos are engaging and as per the interest of the people to reach your Facebook fans with pre-recorded video – the same video can be employed on another social network like YouTube or Instagram.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger has become a foolproof method for a business to interact with customers – sending receipts, shipping details, and other promotional messages. We keep our client’s Facebook account get rolling with messenger awareness, engagement, and messenger Bots

Facebook Group

No dubious! Facebook groups result in tremendous success for some brands to create awareness and customer reach. It helps the brand to get the super-niche information to produce a relevant or customized product to increase its customer base. Our Facebook marketing UAE will create groups encompassing a healthy community with a quality discussion that can be significant support for the brands

Facebook Ads

It is somehow complicated to build a strong Facebook presence with organic methods. Therefore, we have to opt for Facebook automation method combined with content marketing and organic posting to reach the target audience to captivate the interest of the right audience. Facebook ads require investment. Therefore, it should not be handed over to someone who lacks the expertise. Avail the services of Facebook management Dubai company to ensure the real success of your brand on the digital landscape

Why Choose Us:

1. We daily manage and optimize your Facebook page.
2. Increase awareness and sales with the foolproof and organic methods.
3. We retarget website visitors to maximize the traffic to your main website.
4. The Fash 21 creative agency brings Interactive engagement results in more revenue of the business.
5. Friendly customer service remains available to assist you 24/7.
6. We offer unlimited alteration and timely reporting.
7. Money back guarantee.



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