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Do you suspect that your website is having problems? Well, it needs an SEO audit. An SEO audit is one of the best ways to check if your website is in good shape and if it is bringing in traffic often from search engines such as Google. An SEO audit done on your website aims at inspecting the way your site works, helps to detect its problems and discover its areas for potential and it also increases conversions

SEO audit is grouped into types which include: SEO Technical Audit, Competitive Website Audit, SEO Link and Content Audit and Local SEO. Each type of audit has its benefits. From this types of SEO audits listed you can select what type your website requires and get your SEO audit done accordingly. An audit determines if the pages of your website are indexed by search engines. Audits also helps your website sustain a good position in the search engine results.

At FASH 21, we are very informed about what it takes to undertake a successful SEO audit, and also not ignoring the right steps to take that would ensure an increase in your website’s position on search engines. We have a luxury of 16 years of experience in the delivery of ideal digital marketing and Free SEO Audit Services Dubai services has helped us develop greatly in Dubai, the UAE and the Middle East.


At FASH 21, we offer Free SEO Audit Services Dubai services that include, on-page SEO audit, off-page SEO audit, website information architecture, usability & navigation optimization, local SEO visibility, search engine indexation, web analytics audit. Webmaster audit and competitive analysis.

Why it is Essential to Audit your Website Regularly

Your website is a virtual platform that holds all your brand stands for online, therefore, it is essential to carry out frequent audits or checkups on it to ensure everything is going fine, which in turn would be very beneficial to your company or brand. You have to be conscious of the fact that your website is a digital property which you own and it should be treated as such, you should take care of it like you would take care of your clothing, your home or your precious jewelries. Your website moves along with time as it is updated with various contents and also it has various contents also deleted. This is one of the major reasons why audits should be frequently carried out on your website. It is recommended that SEO audits should be carried out at least once a year, so as to allow the auditors to solve serious problems to your website as they come.

It is also important to pay attention to the Free SEO Audit Services Dubai activities of your competitors, watch out for the most current search engine practices and maintain local SEO traditions. Since your business is dependent on customers who visit a virtual address which is in fact physical, then all these should act as constituents of a successful SEO strategy for the upkeep of your website.

Our SEO Auditing Composes of

Backlink Competitive Analysis: This is an analysis done on your website backlinks to assess its quality in comparison to other competitors

Poisonous Link Analysis: As the name implies, this analysis aids to ascertain whether your website is receiving poisonous links such as link farms and spam-filled directories.

  • Content Keywords Analysis: This is an analysis done to determine how your website is perceived by Google, based on the content provided on your site.

  • Site Speed Analysis: This is an analysis done to ascertain the speed of your website and to find better ways to improve it.

  • Social Sharing Button Analysis: This analysis helps you to ascertain if you added social media sharing icons on your blogs and other pages of your website.

  • Duplicate Content Analysis: It helps you in the determination of the existence of more than one version of a webpage indexed by Google

  • JavaScript Test Analysis: This analysis enables you to ascertain whether the contents on your website still shows when JavaScript is enabled.

Content Audit Analysis: This analysis helps you determine whether you have added outstanding and useful meta descriptions, meta keywords, SEO-friendly URLs, title tags, etc. on your website.

The main purposes of an SEO audit of your website is to bring to the surface as many foundational issues as possible, which affect the organic search performance of your website. After an SEO audit on your website, what is expected to be brought to the surface is technical SEO issues, On-page SEO issues, website structure issues, user experience problems, content gaps and opportunities, and competitive marketplace insights. Running SEO audits on your website is another way of saying you ran a health check on your website, and SEO audits are advised to be done on a regular basis, lest your website becomes sick.



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