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There are times you jump on the internet to go about your business of surfing into various websites for different purposes, then you come across a pop-up or an ad on one of these websites advertising an app or a product or a service, promising features that would shock you, and various things you can do with these apps, they alluring right? Because, sometimes, you would want to click them, maybe merely out of curiosity or interest.

In the UAE, app downloads is getting more and more expensive, with downloads costing about $2-$3 dollars per download. According to some studies, over 7.27 million active mobile internet users exist in the UAE. With this number, which runs in the millions, wouldn’t it be advisable to advertise your app, to this army to see it? In the world over, smartphone users are said to download more than 45 billion apps this year. Does that surprise you? Well, carry on with the astonishment as I let you know that this number is twice the number of apps downloaded by smartphone users in the year 2015.

In FASH 21 we partake in Mobile App Marketing services Dubai through various outlets such as text ads done via SMS, or the banner advertisements which you see when you log on to a website, or in downloaded apps or mobile games, in form of pop-up and flash banners. Our Mobile App Marketing services Dubai make your apps visible to potential patrons where ever they are in the world.


We provide services which range from; understanding the business objectives and campaign goals, formulating campaign strategy and planning, campaign setup, ongoing performance monitoring and optimization, fine tuning strategy & re-implementation, reporting, campaign performance assessment and ongoing monitoring and optimization.
There are two types of Mobile App Marketing agency in dubai , they include:

App User Acquisition Marketing

 This focuses mostly on the digital space, although it is not uncommon for apps to advertise on public spaces such as billboards, etc.

App Store Optimization

This type of marketing helps make your app gain more visibility on mobile app stores by optimizing indexed copy like title and keywords, which can help in the discovery of your app.

Benefits of Mobile Advertising for Apps

  1. Mobile advertising is a very fast and cheap means of marketing your companies’ goods and services. It is very cheap, compared to other traditional means of advertising, which are not only more expensive than mobile advertising agency but also less efficient. This method of advertising is very good for your brand as it is a more industrious way to improve on your sales.
  2. The market for mobile advertising is growing rapidly with more and more people tapping into this initiative due to its efficiency.
  3. It is so efficient because smartphone users have their phone glued to their hands or otherwise their body. When they see advertisements that interests them, the curiosity in them leaps for joy and they not only click but at times discuss these products or services with friends. This is a double publicity win for you.
  4. This method of advertising can easily be used to create a customer database. This is possible when customers select an ad, the information is used for customer withholding and loyalty marketing. This ensure the customers stick to your brand via several discounts and enticing deals.It reduces the stress of time and location which you might undergo to market a good or service, as it reaches customers at anytime, anywhere they are.

How to Gauge the efficiency of Mobile App marketing

1.The rate of retention: If the number of users who visited your app initially return again for a second visit.

2. Session length: This is how long your users spend on your app. Is it a minute long? An hour long? Or use over a long period of           weeks or months.

3. If the amount of users who downloaded your app from particular sources such as Instagram, etc. are on the increase.

4. The kind of value impacted by users of your app throughout the time they were users.


Our major aim is to provide the right publicity and exposure for your apps which would guarantee your benefit from the services we offer. We have 16 years of experience in the UAE, Middle East and India. Our experience in the field of marketing has broadened our knowledge and aided us to develop as an agency. We have promising experts who understand the nook and crannies of Mobile App marketing in Dubai , with adequate knowledge of how to get potential patrons



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