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Corporate and event photographer (FASH 21) in Dubai

If you have found this website, most probably you are looking for a photographer. Whether you are getting married or getting engaged or have a corporate event to cover, you have reached at your destination. FASH 21 as the one of the leading and famous corporate brand has the privilege to serve most reputable brands and provide the photography services in the Middle East. Our customer focused team with the pool of professional photographers and high quality photography tools provides high quality business portraits and works in a team to capture high quality professional images.Works of art is produced by our professional photographers in the form of high quality photos. Our team shoots at our studio, customer’s office or any other venue like weddings

Why you need a professional photographer?

How long is one second? Not enough to read this sentence but definitely enough to capture that particular second in time and save it in the form of a photo. The one second that is enough to make people stop from their running life and think about what their eyes saw, the one second that may inspire your future customers or save timeless moments of your life. Anyone can click a picture, even an immature kid, but you need professional to tell a story of that specific moment of your life. If you are getting married or engaged or if you have graduated, we want you to realize these are once in a lifetime moments. Those moments you want to capture for lifetime. These are the moments one finds solace in one’s tough time and therefore you NEED to capture these and preserve them as a lifetime memory. These cherished moments for lifetime deserves to be relived again and again in the form of pictures.

Our portfolio

Our enthusiastic team works with client on a variety of projects like/[

  •         Food photography
  •         Product photography
  •         Advertising photography
  •         Wedding photography
  •         Family portraits
  •         Architecture photography
  •         Life style photography
  •         Conceptual photography
  •         Jewelry photography
  •         Hotel photography
  •         Interior photography
  •         Fashion photography
  •         Automotive photography (cars)
  •         Photography for annual head reports

Photographer in Dubai

We believe in creating a family instead of clients. That’s why we believe in offering our best service in affordable prices. We give our best to capture your best moments in the lens of camera for lifetime. Contact us now to know about our services provided in DUBAI and ABU DABI for your next event.

What our clients have to say about us?

FASH 21’s team is amazing. They are really fun to work with. They put at ease and made Photoshop effective. We are pleased to work with them. FASH 21 are very professional and easy to work with. I just cannot say how wonderful my experience was with them. We are very happy with corporate event shoot.

Why Choose Us:

1. Our team has a unique experience, we have captured many wedding and other events around the world.
2. We deliver all your photos and videos on time
3. We provide our best quality work in affordable packages.
4. We respect your privacy.
5. We consider you as family and would go to any lengths to provide you the best experience.
6. Our experienced team uses best photography tools to capture your life’s most memorable moments.
7. We love to see our customers happy when they come and go from our office.



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