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PPC or pay per click is the type of internet advertisement, where marketing agencies pay a fee to search engines every time their ad is clicked. It is the way of buying visits instead of earning them organically.Google AdWords and Bing Ads are essential to thrive your business on the online landscape. The Fash21 creative agency helps to take the PPC campaign to the next level with the professional in- house team. We feel fortunate to have a team of excellence that devises a customized strategy tailored to your business needs. We thoroughly guide each of our clients to maximize their ROI and drive more brand awareness.

Learn the Basics of PPC Management

PPC is also referred to as cost per click, where marketers use direct traffic to the site and pay a fixed amount to publishers whenever any ad gets clicked. We are sometimes sending a visitor to our website worth more than paying a fee to the search engine a small fee. For instance, if we pay $5 for click and that click results in $300 sale, then this is certainly not a bad deal to go with.

The fash21 creative is the leading agency offer comprehensive services in Facebook management from organic posting to audience targeting and retargeting and to ad account strategists to custom photo shoot that are the surefire ways to have direct response, increased brand awareness and improved web traffic.Our dedicated and professional in-house team of social strategist leave no stone unturned in meeting their end goals and customer acquisition in e-commerce. Call us today to check what magic we create to thrive you online in a competitive landscape of social media marketing.

PPC Services offered by Fash21 Creative Agency Dubai

Our PPC Marketing agency UAE offers all the PPC services under one umbrella. We ensure to take your business to thrive in online world with our wide range of services including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, social advertising and display advertising.

Social advertising

The fash21 creative agency assists you with paid social campaigns that can drive the target audience towards more desired action and you can get more engagement in social channels that ultimately leads
towards the increased sales and leads to the company.

Display advertising

Display advertising is an excellent way of promotion where you reach to the audience who have
indicated interest in your product/service. Our professional team assists you in this regard, and you can
win more sales and leads than ever before.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Our team ensures to increase ROI and boost the conversion by marketing and retargeting the audience
who have already shown interest in your products and services. One successful campaign initiates the
more successful PPC campaign for you.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the most popular and trusted advertising system. The AdWords platform allows
business/brands to create add against a keyword or phrase that will appear on google search engine.
AdWords operates on a specified model known as Pay-per-click model, where users first bid and then
pay for each click. There is a pool of advertisers, while google chooses the top winners, whose search
can appear on search engines. Our PPC agency, Dubai, primarily focuses on the following factors to get the most satisfying results for the PPC campaign:
Keyword Relevance:

We help you to craft proper ad text and tight keyword groups.
Quality Landing Page: We assist our clients in building responsive, optimized landing page, tailored to the search queries that go a long way for the successful PPC campaign.
Quality Score: Quality score is measured by the relevancy of keywords. Landing page and other
parameters set by the google -more scores mean you will get more ads at a comparatively low rate.

Bing Advertising

We bring forward the fantastic opportunity to foster business growth with Bing ads to achieve your
business end goal. Promotion of your business online Is our job, and we do that distinctively. We are the
top rated PPC marketing agency Dubai that get started the personalized campaigns and offer you the
best possible result with the shortest time possible.
The Best Advantages of Bing Ads:

Smarter Audience targeting:

Bing ads agency allow you to target the audience more smartly, targeting an audience based upon their
age group, people located in areas help you get satisfying results.
Advanced Analytics:
Bing has an advanced analytic feature that makes agencies aware of every small alteration they make in
policies. It allows businesses to beef up their current strategy to get the most satisfying results for the

PPC Audit

Our team will thoroughly prepare an audit report, that begins from understanding the audit objectives,
complete coverage, and then leading to the Data analysis. Our team timely update the client with the
progress and amend the strategies at any time if needed. Our prime concern has always been to deliver
quality results to our valued customer.



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