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Link Audit Service | Backlink Audit & Cleanup Service

Investing hundreds of bucks in website development, designing, logos and content creation and then not seeing your website on the top page of a search engine is indeed the scary situation to be in. Our SEO agency Abu Dhabi is one stop shop to uplift your website ranking. The highly customized and result driven services can help your website to rank better in search engines. We feel fortunate to have a team of excellence that has made us one of the leading Search engine optimization firm Dubai.

Link Audit Service | Back-link Audit & Cleanup Service Dubai

Your website won’t remain in the persistent struggle to be found on Google unless it is accurately set up. Google yahoo bing and every other search engine will have three main parameters index crawl and rank. There are many ways to make this job easier for the search engine to rank your site. Firstly, make sure the website has faultless technical SEO. In order to know whether the website is good enough to be ranked by search engines or it still lacks somewhere.

What is Link Audit?

You might have heard about on-page SEO audit, the link audit also works on a similar pattern. Generally, an EXPERT evaluates the website backlinks to determine potential problems or opportunities. A link audit involves deep evaluation of the website and making sure that every link is perfectly optimized for a specified keyword to assist your website rank better in the search engines. Our search engine optimization firm Dubai thoroughly goes through each of the links to figure out any spammy links, black hat SEO tactics, or Google penalties that are impeding the way and making your SEO Worthless. A link Audit is essential to build up better future strategies for your business or brand. Here in The fash21 creative agency, we execute an extensive audit to find out every bit of detail that can aid us to put aside all the faults and make a better and progressive strategy for the future SEO.

How Long does it take to prepare a link audit report

The time of the link audit is contingent upon the length of information you require. Generally, it takes a few minutes to 6 hours to come up with a comprehensive link audit report. Moreover, some quality and high-end tools shall be provided at your disposal that can be time-consuming and costly of course.

Get comprehensive insights about your website backlinks infrastructure

Earning backlinks is mandatory for improving website ranking in search engine pages.  Google with the help of its ultra-smart algorithm puts serious consideration on the websites that links are located on. In case websites have some spammy and negative links, it can simply end up some big penalties, therefore, marketers understand the importance of Audit to get a detailed insight of links.  The report is also essential to determine that your website has no such link that can adversely impact the ranking of the website.

Link Audit Service | Back-link Audit & Cleanup Service Dubai

Google’s law and regulation are continuously been evolving, the methods you used a year ago for ranking may not benefit you the same way in 2019-2020. Google algorithm and manual reviews have become more effective and any spammy link immediately gets detected by Google. In case you have used plenty of unnatural links or received a warning from Google, then don’t take it as for granted rather contact us immediately. Our in-house team of professionals thoroughly evaluates the site’s link and use an effective and proven method to remove the unwanted or unhealthy links

How Does It Work?

1. Each domain that is linked to your website is manually evaluated. We use a wide array of technical factors to analyze the distinction between linkspam and good links.
2. The webmaster of sites that need to be removed is contacted. Everything regarding contact and removal is documented including Reconsideration Requests that are sent to Google.
3. A link that can not be removed by any reason is simply Disavowed employing a properly formatted disavowed file.
In relation to action penalties and reconsideration request is specifically crafted for your site and submitted. Google does not accept any reconsideration request for other algorithm and Penguin. Therefore, we use specialized methods that permit us to safely go through from this tough phase.
4. The process of link removal and disavow is time-consuming. Though our experts make sure the process goes seamless with genuine and proven strategies. Every step is carried out with great care that does not let your website’s ranking to drop down instead help it to flourish more and more.

Shape a solid link removal process

Building an insightful audit link report and then shaping a solid link removal strategy. however, the majority of people believe, whenever, ranking or traffic drops. The main culprit is always unhealthy link. Well, this is never the case as always, our team goes through from a number of steps including.

Tracking issue

 We track the problem, sometimes tracking code is missed from one or more page and that results in the traffic dropdown

Content and technical Flaws

If the content is scrapped or shallow, it can result in penalties. Moreover, wrong implementation of rel=” canonical or poorly execution of site migration can be a cause of some serious website issues.

Backlink reports help you achieve an extraordinary outcome

Being a Leading digital marketing agency and working with thousands of brands operating in Dubai and all around the Globe made us the superior and predominant, search engine optimization firm Dubai. With unparalleled expertise, we create powerful strategies that draw engagement and sales to your website. Still not convinced? Have a peek at our work portfolio



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