The fash21 creative agency supports you with mobile application designs and website development. The visually stunning websites and apps are customized, responsive and optimized for Google’s best ranking. Our in-house trained developers and certified designers have created a wide range of websites including business website and e-commerce stores. The role of the website is imperative in the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. We aid you in portraying the business information professionally. The changing digital landscape of search engines and their algorithm has made it compulsive for the businesses to keep the website fresh and up-to-date on the back-end and front end as well.

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The fash21 creative agency ensures the following factors to make a visually stunning website

Mobile compatible: Majority of people use a mobile phone to access the internet. Therefore, we ensure to build a mobile compatible or mobile friendly website.

Easily accessible to all users: We ensure to produce a user-friendly website with easy accessibility to everyone including children, elderly, disabled or blind. A well-designed website should have conveniently accessed all on-screen readers.

Well-formatted content: The well-formatted content is essential and we help you to do this in a distinctive way. Readers skim through the content and do not read every page from top to bottom. They scan it quickly to determine whether the content is relevant to their needs or not.


The fash21 creative agency ensures the following factors to make a visually stunning website

Organized information architecture: Our website development agency UAE ensures to provide organized and well-presented information to the website. There is so much a business may want to provide its reader, therefore, we make it sure the information is divided into meaningful section and categories and it can become convenient for the users to find out the exact information way more easily.

Browser consistency: Most of the reputable companies overlook this factor – that makes a website bad for branding and usability. While we ensure this parameter as there are still some browsers which are not that efficient and show inconsistencies at some point. Therefore, we ensure to be proactive in order to mitigate any bad user experience.

Fast Load Time: It disgusts when websites take too long to load a page. The foremost reason why visitors leave a website is slow loading. Our experienced team of website developers of UAE ensures that website loads in 4 to 6 seconds. Moreover, it also drives good traffic and impacts positively on the SEO ranking

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The fash21 creative agency ensures the following factors to make a visually stunning website

Valid Code and Mark-up: In order to design a more robust and dependable website, it is best to follow the set of standards. It will ensure the website has better load speed and can work consistently on all devices and browsers. Our in-house encompasses developers who are certified programmers and do all code and mark-up effortlessly.

Effective navigation: Good navigation is a vital part of website usability. We make use to employ HTML and JavaScript menus because they tend to appear best and work effectively on all the browsers. We ensure the menu is clutter-free and in case the larger websites, sections, and pages are there for the ease of access. We also use more advanced modes such as Mootools and Ajax to make more innovative navigation system.

The fash21 creative agency ensures the following factors to make a visually stunning website

A contrasting background of the website and content: An appealing website goes a long way to retain a visitor– the in-house designers ensure the background and website content is contrasting e.g. black text on white backgrounds makes the test easy to understand. While the lack of contrast gives a bad impression and make it difficult for readers to understand what you are trying to say.

Usable Forms: Forms are one of the key elements in the business website since they help to interact with the business that ultimately increases the sales or leads. Therefore, we ensure to incorporate a usable form that will be easier to use and accessible to everyone.

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