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Do have your own website in Dubai? Are you worried about how make your website look beautiful and attract traffic for you? Do you want to make sure that your website is pleasing and informative? Then, you are definitely in the right place as we have come up with a list of detail that you must focus in order to groom up your website to the next level.

The Web is everywhere: from your favorite connected device (mobile phone, pad, etc.) to your future connected car and home. The Web is also changing the landscape in healthcare, financial and government services, as well as commerce, arts and education. As such, the Web design and development...

The fash21 creative agency supports you with mobile application designs and website development. The visually stunning websites and apps are customized, responsive and optimized for Google’s best ranking. Our in-house trained developers and certified designers have created a wide range of websites including business website and e-commerce stores. The role of the website is imperative in the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. We aid you in portraying the business information professionally. The changing digital landscape of search engines and their algorithm has made it compulsive for the businesses to keep the website fresh and up-to-date on the back-end and front end as well.

Key Terms

Following the below-listed points will not only help you in increasing traffic for your website but also will help you in providing informative content to the audience:


You must know how to design your website in a balanced manner so that it attracts a lot of audience for you. Keeping your website balanced basically means ensuring your website’s design are not overdone. You will have to come up with some strategy to balance the weight of your website in both ways symmetrically and appearance-wise. There are some websites who focus on overdoing the designing textures in order to gain traffic for their website. Little that they know audience gets attracted to websites that have a generic and convincing content, and not the looks. You must manipulate the weight of your design visually in order to give your website a classy look.

Categorize your website by utilizing grids

It is important for you to know about the concepts and importance of grids. Grids are basically the series of rulers that has horizontal lines and vertical lines that helps you in compartmentalizing the designs. You can use the columns that improve readability feature enabling the content of the page to get absorbed easily. Spacing, rule of thirds, golden ratio, and lots more theories would help you in maintaining a standard for your website and making it easy for the readers to surf through your pages.

Colors for the designs

what if your website focuses on promoting a green environment? Would you use any kinds of color to promote? No, you would definitely like to use a green colored background and make it obvious that you are supporting and promoting a green environment. Hence, choosing the base colors for your website designs are necessary and is a difficult task. You must figure out about two to three colors that best suits the content that you want to post on your website. Accordingly, you can choose the color that suits your website’s design, aim, and motive.

Your graphics must sync with each other

A great website design usually doesn’t need the help of fancy graphics. However, poor graphic design for your website may hamper your website design to a certain extent. Graphics usually add a lot of sense to your message visually. Your websites should have some sensible illustrations that must impress the audience. It definitely doesn’t mean that if you are not a good illustrator or a marvelous photographer, you cannot add graphics to your website. You just need to learn some basic skills of Photoshop and a few tips and tricks to make sure that whatever graphics you are adding on your site is making sense.

Improving typography in your website

 The art of the typography can be difficult for you as it comprises a lot of elements that have to be looked after carefully. It can be in the form the designing of your website to the content of the blogs or articles that you post on your website. It varies differently. Website typography is difficult and is handicapped when compared to the print typography. The huge challenge is to control the website typography when it comes to the appearance of the website and its dynamic characteristics. You will have to ensure that the correct and appropriate content is posted on your website.

Why Choose Us:

In case you choose to make, maintain and host your site with us, along with getting to the drag and drop website planner, then you can find a customized domain name, email addresses, web maintainance and web hosting.



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